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The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam temple located at T Nagar is dedicated to two deities namely Lord Vishnu and Goddess Shakti. They are referred to as Srinivasa Perumal and Padmavathi Thayar respectively. The temple has an exquisite architecture and beautiful idols of the deities. It replicates the original temple of Balaji in Tirumala. Local Chennai residents regularly visit this temple to have a darshan. For those living in Chennai or visiting the city and those who do not get the chance to visit Tirupati, this temple provides an alternative though in a somewhat lesser form.
What makes T Nagar an important place from the point of view of Tirupati Darshan is the presence of the information centre set up by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam or TTD. The TTD information centre provides all the necessary information to people who wish to visit Tirupati. The information can be retrieved either by phone or going directly at the information centre. Along with the information centre, TTD has also opened the e darshan counter here. Through the e darshan counter, advanced booking of time slot can be done for later visits.
The darshan counter is a very innovative move by the TTD. It is an initiative taken up to reduce the number of queues at the Tirupati temple complex and ease up the whole process. It has a lot of advantages. As a consequence of reduction of queues through e booking, devotees don't have to wait for long times as they can book their darshan time prior to a visit and have complete peace of mind. They can visit the temple just when their time slot arrives, show the biometric token given to them and enter the temple premises. This also makes the task of the temple officials relatively easy.
All trips from Chennai to Tirupati are arranged from this place in T Nagar. Most tour operators also keep the T Nagar temple as their starting point for the tours. Accommodations and booking of Arjitha Sevas is also done here at the TTD centre. .

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